Artwork Requirements


Connor Signs can accept your artwork and graphics files several ways: Files are acceptable on CD, DVD, USB memory stick or e-mailed to us. If your job order consists of several files, please use a ZIP utility to place them all in one file before you send them by E-mail. Please list out the names of your files on your E-mail. If you need to do more than one e-mail, be sure to fill in your name and company and the names of your other files. If you do send your files to us by E-mail then make your attachment no larger than 5mb per E-mail where possible. Also there are FREE storage websites like that are very useful for sending larger files.


Our computers are PC BASED. Please note that files created in 'Adobe InDesign' can be problematic with ANY Digital Rip software.

Accepted Files and Media:
Adobe Illustrator (vector based)
CorelDraw (vector based)
Adobe Photoshop (raster/bitmap based)
Corelpaint (raster/bitmap based)

Vector-based artwork is preferred in the following formats:
.eps ( editable )
.ai (Adobe Illustrator, converted to paths or curves before saving)
.cdr (CorelDraw converted to paths or curves before saving )

Raster/bitmap based artwork for digital printing in prefered order:

Images should be saved at 150dpi and should not be less than 50% of actual finished size where possible.

File Requirements:
All images used in your document must be included with the files.
Convert fonts to paths or outlines whenever possible or include fonts with your artwork.

Remember, there isn't much we can't do or handle when it comes to fulfilling your digital printing, screen printing, vehicle decals, office or shop front signage. Connor Signs can meet your needs.

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